What is an SSL certificate?

Staying protected on the internet is becoming more important than before. Data becomes increasingly vulnerable to hacking and other vicious attacks online. Such actions taken against your site can compromise your customer data, contact information, and anything inputted into your website. (credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and more). Read more below to learn more about SSL certificates and how you can leverage their functions to your advantage.

What is an SSL certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is a digital security measure that encrypts data communicating between web browsers and their respective servers. On the user side, SSL certificates make your website able to perform HTTPS requests instead of HTTP, which validates more secure connections directly to your site (ex: https://www.stride99.com). This helps encrypt your site and visitor information; it can also speed up site load times as search engines such as Google look to validate certificates before loading a page.

Why would I get an SSL certificate?

All websites can benefit from the use of an SSL certificate. Without one, visitors may suffer from long loading times, invalid pages, or other hindrances.

How can I get an SSL certificate?

You can obtain SSL certificates in several ways, including by purchasing them directly from your hosting provider. These will be managed directly by your host or domain provider, so they will be easy to use. In addition, your website will be seamlessly integrated when you do this.

SSL certificates can also be integrated using third-party platforms. While some third parties may offer valid free certificates. It is important to trust the solution that provides you (and thus your customers). The proper security features are necessary.

Free certificates are subject to more frequent expiry dates. which may require site administrators to renew the certificates and maintain their validity, because third-party platforms may not integrate with your hosting solutions, you may also have to manage the specific settings associated with your certificates such as security strictness, IP blocking, DNS settings, and much more.

As part of all our plans; Stride Digital Group offers a free SSL certificate that can fully integrated on your website. This includes the installation, maintenance, and customization of your certificate to fit your needs.

How do I know that my SSL certificate is working?

You can check the validity of an SSL certificate by logging in to the solution you are using; administrators can make any necessary adjustments while logged in. However, users and less technical individuals may simply refer to the security status displayed on each website. An example of a valid certificate attached below.

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